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Unrestorable grossly destructed teeth and certain fractured teeth are removed to prevent further infection .Removal of the teeth involves various procedures ranging from simple extractions to surgical procedures depending on the extent of damage and bone structure underlying the tooth.

Common myth about tooth extraction:
  • Painful procedure
  • Cannot work for a week
  • Loss of vision after removing upper tooth

In contradiction to these myths, at Sparks Dental, we carry out these procedures in the way that patient will be comfortable throughout the treatment without any Complications.

  • Painless surgeries
  • Minimally invasive to avoid swelling
  • Replacement of lost tooth either immediately or in later days
  • Medications to avoid further infections

Loss of teeth can be a traumatic psychological experience that can lead to inability to chew food properly, deterioration of dental alignment, difficulty with speech, and changes that make the face look older. In most instances teeth can be replaced with Implants or bridges. Please discuss replacement options with your oral and maxillofacial surgeon.

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