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Plaque, stains and calculus are from exposed and obscure teeth surfaces are removed by scaling, polishing and cleaning. Sparks Cosmetic and Dental Centre, Anna Nagar, intends to use these methods as preventive measures against diseases such as gingivitis and assist in healing processes. Disease-free mouths are hard to find in recent times with bacterial plaque as being identified as the primary cause of such maladies.

Where bacterial plaque is present both above and below the gumline, aggressive plaque is found especially below it. Oral prophylaxis adds to therapeutic value contributing to supragingival and subgingival removal of plaque and calculus. Periodontal disease is also known to be associated to serious cardiovascular diseases.

Sparks Cosmetic and Dental Care ensures prophylactic care which is extremely important to prevent dental conditions. They are also contribute to the detection of oral symptoms of diseases such as HIV, oral cancer and diabetes.

Some of the prophylactic measures applied are:

Plaque control – Control and treatment on biofilm on the teeth provides longevity to gums and teeth. 1 mg of plaque can contain at least 200 million bacteria. There are 360 types of bacteria that invade the oral cavity and are instrumental in fostering oral diseases such as inflammation of gingival soft tissues, carious lesions that develop on individual tooth surfaces. Most often plaque deposits are extensively found in mandibular lingual embrasures of the molars and interproximal spaces. Only professional cleaning can help relieve the formation which are generally neglected while brushing.

Air polishing – Air polishing procedure uses air pressure and water pressure to deliver controlled streams of sodium bicarbonate or glycine powder. A jet of solution emitted from a handheld nozzle clears surface stains and other deposits including plaque. This is extremely effective in gingival and subgingival treatments.

Ultrasonic scaling – An electric ultrasonic scaler device vibrates at a particular frequency. This helps to break down cell membranes of the bacteria providing efficient and clear removal of biofilm. The process is pain free and completely eliminates calculus contributing to disease-free supporting tooth tissues.

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