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Periodontal disease is a chronic inflammatory disease destroying bone and gum tissues that surround and support the teeth. The disease mainly affects the sulcus present between the gums and the teeth. The disease breaks down the supporting tissues around the teeth advancing into the connective tissues and the bones causing periodontitis.

Sparks Cosmetic and Dental Centre conduct periodontal disease examination and diagnosis even during routine dental exams.

The treatment for periodontal disease is determined by the stage of the disease. Periodontal disease occurs in the following stages:

  • Gingivitis – Inflammation of the gingival but no bone loss
  • Early periodontitis – Inflammation of the gums forming pockets that are filled with bacteria, debris and pus. It is a painless infection where the bone socket is damaged.
  • Moderate periodontitis – Gum infection that results in bone deterioration with loose and shifting teeth.
  • Advanced periodontitis – At an advanced staged of gum infection, tooth loss occurs in adults and infection gets trapped deeper into the abscesses.
Non-surgical treatments

Dental cleaning: One of the first routine treatments conducted for periodontitis is removal of plaque which has hardened on the surface of the tooth. Professional dental cleaning is recommended every six months.

Root planing and scaling: Root surfaces are cleaned carefully to remove calculus from the depth of the periodontal pockets. The root of the tooth is smoothened and bacterial toxins are eliminated. The procedure is usually followed by adjunctive therapy depending on the case.

Tray delivery system: Impressions of the patient’s teeth are taken and a custom-fit tray is prepared which is used by the patient to deliver prescriptive medications. Traditional fluoride trays are used to prevent tooth decay.

Surgical treatments

Gum graft surgeries: For prevention of further recession and loss of bone, a gum graft is carried out to cover exposed roots and prevent their decay. Periodontal health is improved and aesthetic smiles are well-maintained.

Bone grafting: Fragments of bone – derived from the patient, synthetics or donated – replace diseased and destroyed bone due to periodontal disease. New bone is general-dentistryd and stability of teeth is restored.

Soft tissue grafting: Receded gums are treated with this procedure and thin gums are reinforced. The roof of the mouth serves as the donor area which is stitched in place adding healthy tissue to the affected area.

Tissue regeneration: Known as guided tissue regeneration, this procedure stimulates bone as well as growth of gum tissue. The surgery is conducted especially when there is extensive bone loss involved and is usually carried out combined with flap surgery.

Bone surgery: Advanced and shallow bone loss is addressed with bone surgery. Shallow craters are that are formed around the tooth are reshaped with flap surgery thus arresting the growth of bacteria.

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