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It is an extremely important step to formulate treatment plans for patients who present with unique problems. Sparks Cosmetic and Dental Centre makes conscious efforts to prepare treatment plans on a case-to-case basis. A treatment planning process might include:

  • Developing an effective treatment plan – This part of the treatment plan will include questions to identify the effectiveness of a treatment method. Comprehensive treatment plans are evolved on the basis of this initial step.
  • Sequencing the plan – A plan sequence will determine the amount of time that a specific treatment might take. This step essentially takes care of variations that might take place in complex and even multidisciplinary cases.
  • Obtaining informed consent from patient and other associates – A plan that has been drawn requires consent from the patient and other involved parties. All doubts and questions of the patient are answered in this step.
  • Modifying a treatment plan – During the course of treatment, there may be some changes due to minor, moderate or major changes in the treatment itself.
  • Executing the plan – Once consent is obtained for a treatment plan, it executed with pre-planned modifications if any.
The sequence

When working on the smile of a patient, it is essential that there are photographs, softwares, denture imprints and an aesthetic goal.

A typical routine will involve the surgeon working his way from the outside to the inside. Structural limitations are identified. Lateral cephalograms and other images are reviewed intensely to look for the maxillary and mandibular incisor positions. Parameters are then defined.

In cosmetic dentistry it is essentially the central maxillary incisor’s position that determines the treatment plan. This serves as the actual starting point. It is only hereafter that various treatment approaches are considered to place patient’s teeth in final position.

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