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Surgeons at Sparks Dental recognize the aesthetic need for chin augmentation along with rhinoplasty or rhytidectomyin restoring facial symmetry and balance. We believe that the chin defines the face and for long a person with a long chin is immediately associated with power.

Chin augmentation is usually integrated with rhinoplasty and rhytidectomy procedures to tackle problems of the prejowl sulcus. It helps in the correction of retrusion of the chin or microgenia which is a distinct form or a component of micrognathia. Microgenia or small chin is common deformity and usually detected during a rhinoplasty evaluation.


Chin deformities should be reviewed on the vertical, transverse and AP planes since the morphology of the mandibular symphysis varies from individual to individual. Geniplasties can reduce and advance the chin.

Advancement genioplasty: Augmentation or advancement genioplasty can elevate chin projection by using an autogenous bone graft and conducting a sliding horizontal osteotomy of the mandibular symphysis.

A vestibular incision is performed
The inferior border of the symphysis is degloved
To reduce the tension after advancement, the digastric muscles are separated from the mandible
Another incision releases the periosteum to provide enough coverage after the advancement procedure
A horizontal osteotomy is conducted 4 mm to 5 mm below the apices of canines and are completed through the lingual and buccal cortices
Forward and inferior mobilization of the segment is achieved with an osteotome
The segment is pedicled over the geniohyoid muscles
Bony interferences are removed
Towel clips are used to advance the mobilized segment into the required position
The external facial contour is checked and sutured

Reduction genioplasty:Reduction genioplasty is an adjunctive procedure and can be performed in the anteroposterior and vertical planes.

a. Horizontalostetomy: Fragment setback and horizontal osteotomy – the segment is fixed after resection of excessive amount of bony wedges
b. Verticalreduction: Alteration of the angle of the osteotomy can affect changes in vertical heights. Two horizontal osteotomies are made
First the lower cut is completed and then the superior cut is made
Bony wedges are resected
Inferior segment is pushed up and stabilized

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